The First World War was once thought to be ‘the war to end all wars’.  In an attempt to make this so, the Allies convened in Paris for the Paris Peace Conference, and ultimately created the Treaty of Versailles.  The terms implemented in the Versailles Treaty were extremely strict regarding how Germany must conduct herself in the following years and other actions she must take.  These terms were harsh and sent Germany into hyper-inflation, with help from the reparations that had to be paid.  This treaty also placed an immense amount of guilt for the whole war on Germany in the War Guilt Clause, which created further hostility within the German borders.  The unstable economic and political structure in Germany in the decade following the Peace Conference made the German citizens lust for change through any means possible.  Hitler utilized the impressionable atmosphere in Germany to gain a large following under the basis of unfair treatment by the Allies in the Treaty of Versailles.  If the Treaty of Versailles had not been so harsh to Germany and her people, Hitler would not have had enough ammunition to make such a large population so hateful towards the Allies, and eventually to any non-German and so willing to declare a second world war.


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